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Fire Extinguisher Bobber Oiltank

Life's a bitch...   Thank God there's Harleys...

This week the custom oil tank that L&T made from a blank fire extinguisher came back from the Saval Fire Extinguisher factory in their hometown, Breda, the Netherlands. The guys at Saval did a great job on painting and decalling this custom oil tank in their house colours: Red and Silver.

Here's some pics of the Bobber oiltank after we got it back, before mounting it on the bike.

Photo of Saval Fire Extinguisher Bobber Oiltank - by Harley Oldschool Sportster Bobber. This red tank is going to look just right on L&T's Sportster Bobber!

Photo of Custom Bobber Oil Tank made out of a Fire Extinguisher for a Harley Davidson Ironhead Bobber project.

November 2009