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Harley Oldschool Laced Front Wheel

Life's a bitch...   Thank God there's Harleys...

For our Harley Ironhead Oldschool Bobber project we were very glad to score a basic 1973 XLH Sportster with an oldfashioned drum brake in a stock 16 inch front wheel. This wheel would have been perfect for a classic bobber with a fat front tire.

However, why go the easy way? To get a higher dose of Harley oldschool looks we decided we needed a 21 inch laced wheel with a rather slim tire in the front, preferably with the restored brake drum shining in the center.

Here's how the front wheel of our 1973 XLH Ironhead Sportster with the classic brake drum looked like:

Photo of front end of 1973 Harley Davidson XLH Sportster - by Harley Oldschool Bobber.

Photo of 21 inch Rim - by Harley Oldschool Bobber. This is the 21 inch rim.

And here you see the classic brake drum hub positioned inside the 21 inch rim.

Photo of Classic Brake Drum Hub positioned in 21 inch Rim - by Harley Oldschool Bobber. Fortunately, the number of holes in the rim corresponds with the number of holes in the hub!     ;o)

The next thing is to work out the spoke size and the spoking pattern...

To be continued!