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Harley Ironhead Frame Cleaning

Life's a bitch...   Thank God there's Harleys...

The frame of our 1973 Harley Sportster XLH Ironhead carried some 35 years worth of grease and of dirt. To get it clean we took it to the carwash. Those high-pressure shampoo sprayguns do miracles, and the grease and dirt are recycled in an environmentally friendly way.

Here's how the frame of our Ironhead Sportster looked like after the carwash:

Photo of cleaned frame of 1973 Harley Davidson XLH Sportster - by Harley Oldschool Bobber.

Photo of cleaned frame of 1973 Harley XLH Ironhead Sportster - by Harley Oldschool Bobber. Here we are doing some final cleaning of the frame before sending it to our powder coating specialists.

We are waiting for the arrival of the parts washer which we will use for cleaning of the smaller parts of our bike.

To be continued!