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Classic Colour for an Oldschool Harley

Life's a bitch...   Thank God there's Harleys...

We had some damage to the cam cover (this is the engine cover on the right hand side of the lower end, covering the 4 cam gears) which we felt we could not repair without leaving clear marks. So we decided to smoothen the surface at the repair spot as much as possible and then have both the cam cover and the primary cover powder coated in the blue-grey classic colour that we chose for the gas tank of our oldschool Harley.

To offset that classic blue-grey colour (although we think it's beautiful, we realize it remains seriously old school), we decided to replace the visible nuts and bolts of our Ironhead engine with the chrome cap style nuts by Colony Machine (Stock no. 8502 - for Sportsters 1971-1973). The cap-style nuts of this aftermarket kit have got more body than the original Allen style knurled type nuts, making them more pronounced.

After we had assembled the engine cases of our Ironhead motor we just had to try out the combination of the matte black engine cases, the glossy blue-grey colour of the engine covers and the chrome cap-style nuts by Colony.

Just an impression:

Photo of Harley 1000cc Ironhead engine case assembly - by Harley Oldschool Bobber. We tried out the combination of the matte black engine cases, the glossy blue-grey colour of the engine covers, and the chrome cap-style nuts by Colony. We like the result!

Photo of Colony Machine Show Bike Kit for Sportsters 1971-1973 - by Harley Oldschool Bobber. These Colony Machine Show Bike Kits have been engineered to replace all visible nuts of a Harley V twin engine. For our 1973 Harley Ironhead engine we chose for Chrome Cap Style, Stock no. 8502 (for Sportsters 1971-1973). Click HERE to go to Colony After Market Products and Accesories for Harley Davidson Motorcycles!

Clymer Service and Repair Manuals

Even if you have no intent to get your hands dirty, these books are a joy for every Harley Davidson fan!